About Me

Ashley Robles – Founder

KPFB Entertainment started off as an idea of a fake company for a Speech project when I was in High School. Turns out, I wanted it in real life.

When I got to The U, I made friends with some pretty talented and smart colleagues. Lucky for me, they had the same ideals and were just as eager to get down and dirty with a startup in the music industry. We worked with some pretty cool bands/artists, booked them for gigs, helped them with their appearance, overall sound, and any other aspect to help them reach their music career goals.

After I graduated from college, it was hard to continue KPFB Entertainment, especially after moving back to Texas. I was tasked with starting all over again with no music contacts, no associates to help put things together and share the load; nothing. Nothing except hope that it would take off again and fear that I would fail.

It has been quite the personal journey for me since my return back to Houston 3 years ago, but I will not admit defeat. Life is circumstantial. I have enjoyed my time “away” from the business but am ready to return. I have made mini comebacks before, but I was never truly “in it to win it”. It was a hobby in comparison to my 9 to 5.

If you’re a fan/family/friend and ready & willing to go on this journey with me, kick back and enjoy the ride. If you’re in the entertainment industry and want to work with KPFB Entertainment, give me a call, message, or email.

KPFB Entertainment – Inspired by You